Art for order

One of the exceptional opportunities within the project PragueLOPArt is to buy a piece of art on demand.

It is possible to order: painting or a series of paintings, art work, or works according to your wishes with the series of images, or without, letting you design the entire interiors like. You have the possibility to cooperate directly with the artist.

If you know what you want, what you like, what are your ideas like, which color or the combinations of colours you like, what your interior, or you have imagination how is you interior would look like. You have your style, you want a particular technique, material, size, etc., so you're in the right place! Enter parameters or consult here.

If on the contrary, you are not at all sure what would be best for your interior fit, you have the possibility to consult the expert.

With personal approach to individual contracts, the project PragueLOPArt a leader in personalization orders in the arts. PragueLOPArt is a luxury brand in the market offering high-quality and original art. More about PragueLOPArt here.

In the section for order, refer to the e-shop individual projects and sections are here:

  • Modern design
  • Artwork and art paintings with diamonds with other precious metals
  • Artwork and pictures with onyx
  • Energetic paintigs
  • Mandala made to order
  • A landscape of your youth
  • Luxury home design
  • Luxury home office design
  • Luxury design in general
  • Interiors for order
  • Another

For each art piece you recieve Certificate of Authenticity:

  • Certificate contents the title of the work, size, date or period of completion, the signature of the artist and other tamper-proof features
  • The certificate was created with the help of an expert in the field of criminology
  • Nowadays it is a standard to have a certificate and not only when you are purchasing a work of art as an investment

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