About us

Prague LOP Art:
The name of this project comes from:


Prague – Prague is the capital of the Czech republic in the heart of Europe. It is a beautiful, spiritual and antique city.

L – the initial letter of the word Luxury, as the art offered by PragueLOPArt is of a top-class quality.

O – the initial letter of the word Original. Every artistic piece is unique and one and only.

P – the initial letter of the word positive.

Art – means artistic creation.

The art project PragueLOPArt was established by Monika Brchelová.

E-shop is available here.

Monika Brchelová:

Born May 29, 1984 in Prague - the capital city of the Czech republic.

Her sensitivity and professionalism is manifested in its creative activity.

Artworks are original, luxurious and inspiring.

Her approach to art is innovative. She is able to respond to current trends and customer requirements.

- More on www.monikabrchelova.com

- A list of selected past and future exhibitions are realized here.

- Invitation to the current events here.

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